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Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Postby ninjatone » June 24th, 2017, 4:05 am

Dragon Quest Heroes 2, yet another game in the "Dynasty Warriors" vein, has a status effect called "Binding," which is basically what it sounds like: your character gets temporarily "tied up" by the enemy, and it plays a cute struggle animation while trying to get free (can mash buttons to make it happen faster). Admittedly, the "bindings" are just circular particle effects, but hey.

Here are some examples -- affecting the female MC and a party member, starting shortly after 19:10: https://youtu.be/m79BwTR4iDo?t=1150

And the female party member again around 19:48: https://youtu.be/m79BwTR4iDo?t=1188

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