Arabic and Iranian DID Scenes

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Arabic and Iranian DID Scenes

Postby boundy22 » August 26th, 2017, 12:07 pm

I decided to create this Topic to spot the light more on the Arabic and Iranian scenes because it is an area with high potential scenes but it is undiscovered that much maybe because of language barrier and the " Where to look " issue for Didhunters , I am not Iranian myself but I know a lot of Iranian scenes so I will post some of it

I want to start the topic with IMO the best Arabic scene ever , It is from a movie in 1976 called " Al Kol Yoheb " Which translates to " Everybody loves " , It feature a Lebanese damsel called Habiba , she was a former Miss Lebanon , The scene is Perfect in every way possible , A beautiful girl in Revealing Clothes ( Check ) , A Lengthy scene ( check ) , Great Energetic Struggling ( Check ) , Nice Cleavage shots ( Check ) , Nice Quiet Mummffing ( Check ) , Perfect Close ups ( check ) , The only downside in that scene is for people who don't like women in short hair but I foyu don't mind then that scene will be nice for you , I don't have the original source for this HD version of the scene anymore so I will post Sam's Great Edit of that scene

As the forum doesn't allow me to post the actress and the movie name in arabic then i will post a IMDB's arabic counter for them called " El Cinema " to see their names in both arabic and english

Sorry if I will post Massive screenshots for this scene , But I guess it deserve it





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Re: Arabic and Iranian DID Scenes

Postby scarface » August 26th, 2017, 3:36 pm

Well this is indeed a very good scene to start with. You mentioned all the importand points, that make a god scene and you are right, this one got it all. Thanks for sharing. :D

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