Overwatch - Symmetra

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Overwatch - Symmetra

Postby Neo Juste Belmont » May 11th, 2017, 12:04 am

I think I haven't posted here a lot. But anyway. Overwatch. Too many D.Va, Mercy, Tracer DID. Let's try someone else who hasn't really gotten much attention. Namely, Symmetra.

AKA that filthy Vishkar *****.

No, I don't mean I hate her. I like her, she's my favorite female. Unfortunately, it looks like working with Vishkar isn't the best career path because every fans think that Vishkar is a devil spawn corporate and anyone associated with them have got to be oppressive devils, though they did actually oppress and enslave Rio so they're not completely innocent... but Symmetra's good traits are often overlooked because of this, always remembered as 'filthy Vishkar *****' against our sunshine boy Lucio who apparently cannot do anything wrong.

And so, when Symmetra is in another mission in Rio, she got caught by an angry mob and ends up being put on display while being stoned, that is what they want to do to everything Vishkar: They are devils, anyone working with them have no individuality, only a collective evil, they have to be eliminated for the sake of the world and freedom. Even so, perhaps you may want to wonder if the innocents truly had a higher moral ground...



Lineart is once again by Geekling.

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