Undertied- Undertale Pic Pack

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Undertied- Undertale Pic Pack

Postby Strangerinthecorner » July 8th, 2016, 2:08 am

So myself and Eldritch-Shambler have collabbed to bring you this massive Undertale-themed bondage pic pack! 112 pictures big, featuring four characters from the game. Each character comes with six different gag variants as well as an ungagged variant. In addition, there are FOUR different outfit options: Normal clothing, Underwear, No clothes and a secret fourth option unique to each character! (Hint: It's not swimwear)
All of this comes out to 112 pictures drawn by me and coloured/shaded by Eldritch-Shambler. We're both happy to bring it and hope you'll enjoy it!
You can buy the pic pack here for 15 USD: http://www.oronjo.com/p/x5jTWypJAmqHb
You're gonna have a good time!

(Undertale and all the respective characters in the pack belong to Toby Fox. Duh)


You can find Shambler's DA account here: http://eldritch-shambler.deviantart.com/
My DiD DA: Bondage art!
My manga and anima manip thread: Bondage manips!
I'm also on Twitter now! Yay! https://twitter.com/The_Siteck

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