Betty and Veronica's Long Weekend

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Betty and Veronica's Long Weekend

Postby Torpedo184 » September 16th, 2016, 4:51 pm

I'm sure there are some here at WC that follow Vladen13 over at DeviantART. Lately, he was the subject of a multitude of deleted works by the DA censor commies. And, being the freedom-of-expression fighter that I still am, I took it upon myself to rebuild his pages from "The Long Weekend"...with his gratitude & approval ;) For those not privy to the story, it involves Betty & Veronica (of Archie Comics fame), getting into some serious bondage play with some expected (or is that, "unexpected"?) results. And since Blogger has more freedom of expression allowances, I posted it there. I will post the original works week next. Here's the new version in all its reconstructed, complete and uncensored glory :D ... d-pt1.html

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