Fantomas and the Zodiac Girls by Osvaldo Greco

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Fantomas and the Zodiac Girls by Osvaldo Greco

Postby queospera » November 12th, 2016, 12:53 am

Hi, here is a commission I got from my friend Osvaldo Greco.

Fantomas in its original incarnation is a merciless assassin from French pulps, but in 1965 it was adapted for comics in Mexico by Editorial Novaro. The ruthless killer was changed to a gentleman thief specializing in art heists. Another change is that Fantomas had a big organization of agents around the world, plus his cat Yago (in English it would be Iago, like in Othello). In his secret mansion Fantomas lived with the Zodiac girls, beautiful women from around the world that helped him in his adventures, These agents were always around Fantomas taking messages, helping him in his heists and getting kidnapped in more than one occasion.

Always wanted to see these sexy ladies bound and gagged all at once and thanks to Osvaldo I can and so can you!

Here it is:

If you know Spanish and are interested in free Fantomas comics check the Blog Mundo Fantomas

And to see more of Osvaldo's DiD art check his Deviant art page

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